12 Steps To Strengthening Manhood

Before sharing the 12 steps to strengthening manhood, I want to thank all men for being men, and for taking an active approach to holding on to your manliness by reading my blog and listening to my podcast.


 Man of Your Word

Having the practice of doing what you say you're going to do, following through on your promises, and never saying things you can not get done or follow through on reinforces commitment in a man.

A man of commitment strengthens a man’s character by reinforcing manhood.


#2  Decompress

Just as life is full of joy and satisfaction, it is also filled with challenges and obstacles. Men do not process situations and circumstances in the same way that women do.


Because of this fact, men internalized the weight of life more than women. The fact that support from men is currently lacking in our society compounds the weight of life that men carry each and every day.

Once this life weight gets too heavy, as it often does, it sabotages manhood. This happens when a man does not have an enjoyable healthy way to relax and decompress. 


Sadly, most men are not receiving the encouragement from women that they need. 


So you need to savor your manhood by finding ways to relax, decompress, and get away from the weight of life from time to time.

Decompressing strategies re-energizes manhood.

#3 Manly Task

Manly tasks are a psychological reminder of manhood. Engaging in physical tasks strengthens the ideology of manhood.


Whether you pick up manual labor as a hobby or a serious project, taking on hobbies and projects that commonly align with manhood fortifies and enriches manhood.

#4 Adult Boy/Mommy Relationship Vs Man/Mother Relationship 

Moms are the first point of influence for all men and women. The type of relationship a man has with his mom will always make or break one's manhood. 

A child’s relationship with their mother is the foundation for manhood to be cultivated by fathers. 

The foundation laid by mothers and the cultivation by fathers is necessary to foster a healthy, happy, and successful manhood in males.  

Only a healthy relationship with your mother strengthens and elevates manhood for the better. 

For some a healthy relationship with their mothers is challenging, but it is worth your manhood to discover ways to make a healthy relationship possible, your manhood depends on it.

The opposite of that is also true,


An unhealthy or dysfunctional relationship with your mother weakens manhood and renders it obsolete.


Keep in mind a mother is not always the woman that gave birth to you, it is also the woman that has a hand in raising you.

How To Identify Your Relationship With Mother

There are several approaches to motherhood, as there is for fatherhood.

They are only 2 types of male/mother relationships that exist when it comes to grooming manhood:


  1. Adult Son/Mommy Relationship
  2. Man/Mother Relationship

In an adult son/mommy relationship, the mother is treated like a surrogate girlfriend, which pushes the son back down into childhood. In fact, it most often discourages masculine traits.

This forces men to have childlike tendencies, which leaves no room for manhood.


Men with deeply flawed manhood find themselves in an adult child/mommy relationship with their mothers. Most of the time the men and moms involved in such a relationship are not aware of it, this is why manhood suffers so much in this type of relationship.

In a man/mother relationship, the mother is treated like a woman successfully fulfilling the role of motherhood, which pushes the son towards adulthood that desires manhood and embraces a masculine role.


A man’s manhood is strengthened when the relationship with his mother is whole, healthy, and functional.

#5 Self-Accountability

Holding yourself accountable without needing outside influences to do so, will strengthen your manhood, and it will also help you regain your masculinity if you have lost it.

In order to have the tool of self-accountability you must turn the habit of examining and judging others onto yourself and do self-examinations.

Identify your own flaws and internal issues. Not for the sake of judging yourselves, but for the purpose of knowing who you are and applying self-discipline for self-correction. 

Only those who truly know themselves can live comfortably in their manhood, and be resistant to the anti-manhood ideology that's sweeping the nation.

This is not an easy thing to do, but it will certainly strengthen your manhood once you figure out a way to develop and practice the habit of holding yourself accountable and breaking the habit of pointing your finger at others.

#6 Prudent

If you want to hold on to and strengthen your manhood, develop the habit of always taking your future and the future of those around you into consideration.  

When you take a careful look at your actions, behaviors, and choices of today, and take into consideration the impact and influence they will have on your future makes for a man prudent.


Prudence is a human trait that makes for a stronger manhood.

#7 Wisdom Seeker

Men that fully take hold of their manhood have a certain level of wisdom regarding life and often possess expertise in one or more areas of just about anything, especially as a man becomes older.

Manhood drives men to gain more knowledge and more wisdom. 

Gaining knowledge and wisdom about life is tricky for most. The information floating around the world and the internet does not qualify as wisdom.

Only wisdom that is rooted in truth has the value it takes to strengthen manhood. So be careful, selective, and wise in choosing the wisdom you allow to take up space in your life.

#8 Being A Proper Role Model

Being a man that a young boy or young man can look up to as an example of healthy manhood strengthens the character of a man. 


Men supporting men fosters more manhood, this is why being a role model is vital.

#9 Hobbies for Men

Mental relaxation is the perfect preservative for manhood. Hobbies tailored for men give the mental relaxation that manhood needs to grow and remain stable.


Creating a Mental Man Cave strengthens manhood, and allows your manhood to reach and sustain its fullest potential.    

#10 Embrace Manhood

When a man welcomes masculinity into his heart, it forms the backbone of manhood.


There is a phrase floating around the world labeled “toxic masculinity”, this term is another trick move coming out of the anti-man movement.


The term was designed to trick men into denouncing masculinity, and sadly it has worked on some men, this is why being a wisdom seeker strengthens manhood. 

Those who have wisdom can see through the lie that masculinity is toxic. A man absent of masculinity is not a man at all because they lack the foundation upon which manhood is built upon.


#11 Financial Health and Stability

As some aspects of life strengthen manhood over time, a male being looked at by others as a man instantly strengthens manhood.


The #1 way to be looked at as a man and to be treated as one by others is to gain and maintain financial health and stability that sustains their lifestyle and the lifestyle of his family if he has one.

#12 Self-Evaluation and Self-Reflection

Being able to look at yourself and measure your current achievements and milestones against your own past achievements are the best steps to self-evaluation and self-reflection.

The point of self-evaluation and self-reflection is for you to be a witness to your own growth. When a man does not experience any growth in his life, manhood is weakened and eventually consumed by anti-man beliefs and customs.


Manhood is a precious masculine commodity the world is trying to steal from men, Don’t let them get away with it. Reinforce your manhood with the 12 Tips to Strengthen  Manhood.