Why I Miss The Essence Of A MAN

Episode 3


Welcome to another infamous episode of The Neglected Man Podcast. 

We do what we do because we love manhood enough to fight for it. 

I created this episode with the sole purpose of showing men my total and complete appreciation. 

So here we go with why I Miss the Essence of Men which was once so prevalent in our society, but is now being discourage, especially by people who are not men, think about that for a moment 

Let’s be clear there is a collective effort to kill the essence of men, men are being discouraged from showing such character, and I truly miss it and society is missing it as well, but they are too blind to notice it. 

Before going any further with today's theme, I want to stop and share with you our Impact on The Real World story: remember, this is a segment in my podcast where I share real life stories related to the podcast theme. 

A male friend of mine who works in the Entertainment industry, told me voice coaches in the industry are instructing young male actors to speak in a softer voice. He also told me that men working in the Entertainment industry with deep voices are now speaking with a high-pitched voice. When he told me that I did not pay much attention to it, until about a week later. 


I was in a store standing in the checkout line. A handsome young man with a slightly deep voice was our Checkout Clerk, the middle aged woman he was checking out commented to him on his voice being deep, and he responded to her in a high-pitched voice. He actually changed his voice to accommodate her, and then I thought to myself. When was the last time I heard men speak in his naturally deep voice, I actually could not recall a time in recent history. Of course, not all men have deep voices, but for me not having heard a deep voice from a man in years, leads me to believe what my friend told me about the Entertainment Industry has to be true.


Help me out, If you have noticed an absence of deep-voice men, please tell me at [email protected]

Moving back to our topic, there is a secret movement, moving about our country. A movement to suppress the essence of a man. Take a good look, look with your mind, noy your eyes

I didn't realize paying a woman a compliment was considered sexual harassment until fairly recently. 


So as with all things I dig into how we got here, and the impact this is having on manhood. 


Well, the quick answer on how a simple compliment absent of sexual intent became sexual harassment. The short answer is a series of women’s movements. But as all my readers know from listening to my podcast or reading my content, the anti-man movement is hiding behind the women’s movement. 

Daily, I notice men stair at women in admiration. I notice how men stare at me in admiration. Because I am a person that sees with my mind, not my eyes. I realized these stairs are accompanied by total and complete silence most times. 


When I’m puzzled about male behavior, I go to my male readers and male friends to get answers. 


In this case, that’s exactly what I did


I asked over 200 men of different races and socioeconomic backgrounds, why do they stare at women and never open their mouths to speak? I got several answers:



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1. I do speak, I say Hi, Hello, How are you, or comment on the weather 
2. I don't want to bother her
3.  I'm too shy to say anything
4. I'm afraid of how she will react She might get an attitude with me if
5. I speak to her I think she’ll reject me 

This brings me to why I miss the essence of a man. The essence of a man drives a man to pursue his interest, whether it's a woman he may be interested in or a hobby he enjoys. And when I say pursue, I am talking about a healthy and rational pursuit. 

What it has never done is turn a man into a mute.

It was hard for me to accept, things have gotten so bad for manhood, that men are truly living out their roles as men that are too intimidated to speak, they have been forced into silence and have lost their courage to speak what is respectful and appropriate.

Now come on, not receiving a harmless complement isn’t why I miss the essence of men. I miss the leadership and the balance it brings to life. 

And this is what I mean by that, as powerful and influential as women are, women become overwhelmed from having to pick up the load that is left behind when the essence of a man is not present to carry his portion of the load.


What happens when one person is carrying a two person load. The flaws of the carrier get exposed. Why is this important, your enemies infiltrate your life using those flaws, that under normal circumstances are not revealed.


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Are you wondering what load I’m speaking of? You know what load. That load that living life brings. That load is very light when the essence of a woman and the essence of a man are in concert with one another. And here’s the thing. I’m not only talking about those who you know, or married to, or related to. This includes even the people you do not know. 

Life as a whole is more in harmony when male essence is in its rightful place.

When both sex are living in their roles they were designed to live in, we are in complete balance, making the load easier to carry for all. 


Why I miss the essence of a man:


  •  the peace that comes with that leadership and balance 
  • Children are no longer children they run households
  • Children have a decrease in discipline 
  • Work ethic in young people have greatly decreased
  • Gender confusion is on the rise
  • The quality in media is poor
  • Those with bad intention are defining women
  • Men have been soften beyond their natural nature
  • Men have less emphasis on their character and so do women
  • Men no longer define themselves
  • The biggest thing I miss is the lack of male confidence 
    I am witnessing in grown men


The list of what's missing in our everyday life due to the absence of the essence of a man is limitless, but if this list alone is not enough to make you see the harm it’s doing to us as a whole, you are one that simply sees with your eyes, not your mind, and that's ok. 


Please email me at [email protected] if you miss the essence of  man ad tell me why


Bye for now men! Stay strong and hold on to your essence, it's a rare commodity. If you can figure out a way to bottle it, you’ll make millions.


Be sure to look for my next episode: Manhood is being substituted, don't be a victim