Ep. 1 2023

Stolen Manhood
How Women Have Been Tricked

Stolen Manhood examines the trick of using women’s movements and organizations to SILENCED men and the impact it's having on society and the up-and-coming generations.

Has anyone taken a look behind the women's or LGTB movement and agenda, and noticed the vengeance of hate for men manifesting behind it? If so I would love to talk to you.. 

There is a growing subculture that has grown out of control like wildfire and has no intention of staying a subculture but becoming the primary culture of mainstream life. This man-made wildfire is consuming all the masculinity that once existed in our sovereign nation. 

A man’s role was to produce, lead, provide, and be a living model. This role has been handed over to women and any other entity that does not favor men. How did we get here and why?

Let’s start from the beginning. It all started with lowering the morale of women. Are you wondering how can someone reduce a person’s morale without them even being aware their morale is being lowered? The easiest and most efficient method that has been used since the creation of print media, is messaging through the media in any form and every form possible

Decades prior to the Meet Too Movement, they were years of messaging tailored to lower women’s perception of men disguised as female empowerment. These Female Empowerment messages, especially those coming through social media have fostered a belief within women that men are their enemy.


Such a false sense of hatred eventually over time led to fueling the fire of the Me Too Movement. Because Female Empowerment shifted women's outlook on men and lowered their morale towards men, it was easy to step into the belief that men are the enemy of women, not the provider and protector he was once viewed as for centuries.

 The Me Too movement swept through, swallowing a significant number of men, both those who were deserving of suck reckoning and sadly those men who were innocent. What's even sadder, there are an unlimited amount of sexual predators, the movement did not touch and never will, but I digress


his movement, which also had a hidden agenda to shame straight men, stripped men of the courage to speak when they should speak. At this very moment is when we lost men. Men became a silent species that no longer voice the desires, needs, and wants of their species. 

 The absence of men expressing their desires, wants, and needs, left the world stage open for the movement and agenda of the LGBT Movement to take hold, gain traction, and infiltrate all levels of life.

 Stop! Take a moment! Take a deep look into the ideology of each movement: the Female Empowerment Movement, the Mee Too Movement, and the LGBT Movement,

 Each movement has a driving force to trick women into seeing manhood as a problem to be stomped out because it is an obstacle to female success, freedom, and achievement resulting in zero appreciation for men. Lack of male appreciation grows into contempt, which fosters having no respect or appreciation for men.

 This new-found collective attitude towards men who used to happily be our life partners has been driven into corners of life to hide like puppy dogs.

Why does this matter?

 You first must understand men are designed for leadership, not as life backup dancers. When you rob men collectively of the craving for leadership, it will manifest in life.

How so?  Well,  there are many ways, but we only have time just to address a few. 


Stealing the character trait of leadership in a man leaves him with an absence of his true identity, which forces him to hand over his role to women by way of the secret agendas hidden inside the movements mentioned earlier. As this occurs instantly the impact of this takes place in households.

 What makes this so dangerous, when you impact the households you do not see the results of that impact on full display until decades later. 


Why is that you say?

 The children in those households are not yet old enough for us to see the reflection of this role-switching between men and women.

 But today, it's evident. The lack of respect for parents from their children is prevalent among all races.

 It has gotten so bad, men have taken a step back into weaker life positions, they are no longer viewed as role models, but as welcome mats customized for women to walk on.

 When children and women have no role models to view, whether it’s from a distance or up close, eventually, confusion seeps in, this type of confusion destroys the understanding of a well-defined role laid out for a child,  both the role of a woman and the role of a man.

This leads to children growing up to be unfamiliar with their place in the world, and therefore the behavior is out of place


What else has taken place by completely destroying the leadership in men and removing them from the throne of life? A clear-cut definition of a women’s role, power, and influence over men and in the world. It’s the reason mothers can’t get their 30-year-old sons to do their own laundry.

 I’m going to let all my listeners in on a little secret. When you strip men of leadership traits, it also trickles down to stripping little boys of life motivation and life ambitions worth having. Understand men are role models you learn from by watching, just as women are.

What happens in a society where women do not have a definition for themselves that is suitable for women? It gets filled with replacement behaviors that are detrimental to society at large.


Let’s talk about some of these replacement behaviors in women that have manifested due to men being forced to step down from their rightful Life Position:


  • The pursuit of money over the naturing and nurturing of family
  • Increase in sexual perversion present to men in place of healthy sexual desires
  • The death of female self-respect, which has led to the lack of self-respect in young women, which results in young men becoming lost in their own identity because women are no longer influencing men for the greater good, but for their own selfishness
  • Kills male motivation and ambition
  • Young men are lost about the models they were designed to be
  • Executive Leadership weakened
  • Poor Quality of World Messaging
  • Increased materialism, decreased personal satisfaction, fulfillment, and happiness

 And there’s more, so much more, but simply not enough time to list

 Most women that hear The Neglected Man Podcast will hate it. In that case, I will know my work here is done. Whether you love it or hate it, ask yourself this one simple question, if nothing else. Why has my race turned against our men and most races, including those of a foreign country have not?

 Ponder that for a bit, and if you feel so inclined, send me your responses to [email protected]. I’ll publish them in my newsletter

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Before we conclude our 1st episode of The  Neglected Man Podcast, Stolen Manhood. It’s now time to introduce our special segment called the Impact on Real Life Segment.

During the Impact on Real Life Segment, I will share with you a real-life story from personal experience or the personal experience of a The Neglected Man Podcast listener. The experiences shared during the Impact on Real Life Segment will always show how the theme of the podcast you’re listening to is impacting real everyday life.

For Episode 1’s Impact On Real-Life Segment, I’m going to share my own personal story, which I just experienced yesterday. 

 To make a short story even shorter. I was walking in the downtown area of a city I was visiting, I was searching for a particular street. A young male and female couple was standing on the street. I stopped and said excuse me to the young couple and asked. Do you know where I can find Street Noldis?

 The young man opened his lips, but before letting words flow from his mouth, he looked up at the young girl as he was sitting down on a retainer wall holding on to the young woman.

 As I was asking the question, the young girl looked at me, then looked in the air, never saying a word. As the young man saw her non-verbal response, he immediately closed his lips, as he looked towards the ground.


I immediately noticed the young man needed non-verbal permission to speak. I politely walked away from the young couple.

Why am I sharing this story for our Impact On Real-Life Segment?

I’m using it as a shining result of what happens in real life when you strip away the role of a man, when you feed anti-men movements, destroy masculinity, and stop getting the power of positive influence from women.

Without saying a word, that young man showed me he has zero definition of being a young man and no manhood freedom. In fact, he is a slave to womanhood, and will never have a voice unless something changes he will be customized for a women’s welcome mat.

In my lifetime I have never seen so many men voluntarily muted, and I have witnessed this phenomenon of Female Non-Verbal Permission many times.

I could do another entire episode on how women have used their achievements and pursuits of money and power to silence men instead of making them partners in this marathon of life, but I do need to conclude this Stolen Man: How Women Have Been Tricked episode.


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So back to the neglect and hatred of men that gets reinforced with every image and messaging that portrays male behavior that is not conducive to being a man and fulfilling the role of one. 

As I interview men privately so they can speak their minds openly and honestly without being ridiculed and shut down, which is what happens when they attempt to do so in public with women around. They do not have a clear path on where to go from here, which makes total sense because their roles have been stolen from them, leaving them with no definition of who they are supposed to be. 

Because of this, I’m going to step out on a limb and encourage all men that are being neglected by their own women to do one of the following if not all 3:

  • Engage in conversations with men that are not being held in bondage by the current environment surrounding manhood
  • Interact with men whose women have not turned against them
  • Dig very deep to find the small community of your own women these movements were not savvy enough to convince them to turn against their own 

Surrounding yourself with manhood material will surely encourage you to find your own way. 

By now, thank you for listening and joining me in the fight to restore love for men back into society. Don’t miss my next podcast:  Why am I Married to A Women That’s Not A Wife: For Single Men Too



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