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Episode 6 is going to reveal some really deep shit about what happens when men are absent from households and communities at large. 

This is going to rock the world of a lot of men, but because men are the backbone of our nation, and I love them I must lay this on the line. 

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Time for my What Happens When Men are Absent episode:

There is an unlimited amount of information you can find anywhere on the impact absent fathers have on the children he produces, especially when it comes to black households. 


But the impact of ABSENT FATHERS is just the beginning. 

I’m going to dig up the dead bodies and show you how the impact of Absent Men goes far beyond children in households.

It in fact impacts whole communities, and creates whole worlds.


As sickening as it sounds, absent men are satisfying the cravings of predators and other enemies. And anyone or anything that is anti-man. 


MEN, this episode is going to leave you with a clear understanding of why you are needed, why you are wanted, and why you can not be replaced or substituted no matter what anyone tells you.


Let’s see with our minds, not your eyes.


Both men and women bring awareness and create an environment that is specific to both sexes. This unique awareness and environment created by men and women is vital to living a life that thrives. 

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All things do not remain equal when both awareness and environment from both men and women are not present.

Women have been fooled into thinking only their contributions are necessary for a thriving generation.

When I used the term “Absent Men” I am not speaking of just fathers not being present in their children’s lives.

I am lovingly and respectively calling on

  • Uncles
  • Grandpas
  • Brothers
  • Male Cousins
  • Male Mentors
  • Male Neighbors
  • Nephews
  • Male Colleagues

Why have I included all the men's roles that exist in our everyday lives? These are the men that should be stepping in when other men are falling short, and we should allow them to if they are suited to do so, as Many of them are.

Let’s talk about how happy it makes predators when no men are around.

The first type of predators I’ll talk about are people who seek out and date women or men who are easy to victimize. They become easy to victimize because there has been no male influence in their life. Male influence makes boys and girls mentally strong. 

I call these types of folks Dating Hawks.

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Dating Hawks only date people they can use, abuse, and mistreat.

This is why the weaker you are mentally, the better, as far as Dating Hawks are concerned.


How do Dating Hawks find people that will allow you to use, abuse, and mistreat them. It’s easier than you think, just find the person that had no role model of a man in their childhood, no father, no uncle, no grandfather.


Why? No father, no uncle, no grandfather equal no definition of a man. Daking Hawks know absent men in someone's life equals having no definition of man and so their plate is clear for them to interpret the definition of a man for them. 


A Dating Hawk definition will always benefit them only. Because no definition was present in the person beforehand, they quickly accept the definition given to them by the Dating Hawk.

Please keep in mind, this process happens unknowingly through actions and behaviors over time.

When a person has no definition founded in childhood, they are not aware of acceptable and unacceptable male behavior and beliefs. This opens up the person to be a victim of poor behavior because they do not recognize it as unacceptable behavior for a man.


There is only one way to be aware of appropriate male behavior, that is to witness it for yourself as you grow up


Now let's take a look at how sexual predators and pedophiles benefit from men being absent.

Yes, this one hurts, but it's true. Sexual predators and pedophiles search high and low for families that have a high rate of absent men. There is no resistance when infiltrating these families with there sick behaviors.

The reason being, families with absent men have a craving for men to be around. Pedophiles know this exists and they set out to exploit that craving. They also choose such families, because these family members are not guarded to no men being around. It makes that particular family easy prey for them.


Why does it make them easy prey? Families with absent men are willing to accept substitutes for men, sometimes welcoming men that are not suitable. 

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What happens to a community at large when men are absent?


Well this is an easy one:

  • Crime goes up
  • Girls date and mate the wrong men
  • Young boys do not learn how to use their energy constructively
  • No mean around to fill in for other men that have passed away
  • Young men become demasculinized
  • Younger generation are less handy
  • Boys become more feminine
  • No community direction
  • Poverty Increases
  • Women frustration increases
  • Women bitterness increases
  • Women are increasingly overwhelmed
  • Children run households
  • Men are less manly
  • Men surrender leadership allowing those less capable to take over

 and so much more.

The last thing I will touch upon are the fallacies women fall into when men are absent.

Women get fed fallacies mostly through the media and from other women believe it or not, these fallacies become their reality when there are no men around to combat the belief through male actions and observing male behaviors as leadership.

The fallacies women fall prey to:

  1. I can fulfill the role of a mother and a father and children will still turn out ok
  2. Believing it's ok for women to behave like men and there will be no ill effects on society as a whole
  3. Community protection is rare
  4. The focus to nature and nurture children is put on the back burner making the coming generation ill equipped to navigate life
  5. The weight of life becomes heavier for women

The consequences of men being absent is great beyond measure, and this absence can never be filled or satisfied with the essence of a woman because women have their own life duties to fulfill.

Thankyou for joining me for another great episode of The Neglected Man Podcast.



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