Why Am I Married To A Woman That's Not A Wife:
Podcast Transcript

I’m so glad you’re joining me for the 2nd Episode of The Neglected Man Podcast

For this episode, we’re going to tackle the theme: Why Am I Married to A Woman That’s Not A Wife


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In this episode, We’ll address the primary and secondary functions of a wife. 

Before I dive into that, allow me to first share this important piece of information with you. 

The content of this episode does not, I repeat, does not apply to: 
Your mistress 
Your internet crush or should I say Internet lust 
It’s not for ex-wives 
The mothers of your children

 I'm sure you get the point by now 

This episode is about wive and husbands only 

With an emphasis on wifehood 

Now let's dive in 

Getting Down to the Nitty Gritty

The function of a wife is to build a lifetime partnership with her husband that fulfills his needs, wants, and desires, in addition to nurturing and naturing their upcoming generation. Yes, you hear me right. The function of a wife is a partnership that fulfills the needs, wants, and desires of her husband, as well as tending to the nature and nurturing of their offspring.

 I know all the men are getting excited and are probably high-fiving each other,  but let's take a moment to define husband.

Yeah, I know! I just lost some of you, right? But I do this because I love manhood and I want it to be restored to its rightful place.


Fair warning, this will hurt, but here we go: all spouses are not husbands, but all husbands are truly spouses. 


Men, please realize a function is not the same as a purpose. Wives have a function, but all women as a whole have a purpose in life. Do not get the two confused. Respect those two roles within women,, they are separate and not equal.


So let's break down the levels that exist when it comes to the fulfillment of a man’s needs, wants, and desires.


At the first level -

All needs, wants and desires are satisfied

 Level 2 

All needs wants and desires are partially satisfied

 Level 3

Some needs, wand, and desires are satisfied

 Level 4

Some needs wants, and desires are partially satisfied 


The last level is what will address in today's episode. All your needs wants and desires are neglected, which can be commonly found in spouses who have been married for a very long time. But, short-term marriages can also fall prey.

Before taking this any further, keep in mind when a husband, not a spouse craves a need, want, or desire, they are always conducive to a healthy successful marriage and a well ran household.


So how does a man know he’s just a spouse and not a husband? Examine your needs, wants, and desires and ask yourself. Are my needs, wants, and desires conducive to a healthy and successful marriage? 

Only you can answer that for yourself

 So, what happens when the needs, wants, and desires of husbands, not spouses go unsatisfied? He eventually abandons the role of husband and begins operating more like a spouse and less like a life-partner

 How do we get to this point, how do you get to the point where your wife is failing to fulfill all your needs, wants, and desires?


Well, usually this happens when you have no clear definition of what a wife should be. This definition is always cultivated in childhood. Far before you even realize what marriage is or begin dating or intimately interacting with the opposite sex.


Men with a clear definition of a wife will more than likely marry a woman that embraces the role of fulfilling the needs, wants, and desires of her husband.


Men that are absent of a clear definition of a wife will more likely marry women that have no desire to fulfill the needs, wants, and desires of their husbands.

The definition of a wife is vital to analyzing a woman for wifehood. Some men do it consciously, while others do it subconsciously. When no definition of wife is present there is no measuring stick for wifehood, so you default to using your feelings


So what happens when a man has no clear definition of a wife? He selects women based on what he likes. And what someone likes does not always measure up or align with what a woman should be as a wife. This is why most men, not all marry women that are only suitable as girlfriends, mistresses, sex, and sometimes not suitable for anything at all

When you select a woman based on how her character, traits, habits, and behaviors are aligned with wifehood, you have greatly increased the chances of at least having most of your needs wants, and desires fulfilled more often than not


So in a nutshell, to answer the question, why am I married to a woman that is not a wife? It starts far before you even started dating. It began in your childhood. Childhood is when we witness mate selection and the lifestyle of those mates selected around us. What’s in your childhood environment will influence your selection of women. It is the determining factor of the definition of a wife as well as a husband.


Before we come to the end of this episode, keep this in mind. The life you surround your children with will ultimately determine who they choose for their wife or husband.


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