Why Your Girlfriend Will Never Be A Good Wife, And Will Be An Even Worst Mother

Hidden Secrets of Womanhood

This episode is filled with deep treasures that are hidden so deep into womanhood, most women themselves are not even aware of its existence.


This episode will put you decades ahead of womanhood, so be sure

you’re ready to uproot your whole world when it comes to womanhood.

Why I’m sharing these buried secrets about women? I want men to have successful healthy relationships, It makes for better men.


Men deserve to be the best they can be, and some women have foolishly become an obstacle on the path to men's success in their masculinity.



We’ll first start with girlfriends. Then we’ll move on to wives, and end with motherhood. 


I’m going to give what a lot of young men miss out on getting, the criteria for a healthy successful relationship with a woman.


Men see being a girlfriend as just something women do, something that comes naturally, but men are wrong about that fact. 

 Girlfriends are molded. Girlfriends are molded by their upbringing.


This is how you know beyond the shadow of a doubt a woman will have the makings of a great girlfriend.  





 In her heart, soul, and mind she is already a girlfriend before she becomes your girlfriend.

So the question you should ask yourself if you’re looking for a girlfriend is whether this woman is girlfriend material.  

 Women that are girlfriend material can only become girlfriend material in one way, and that is being raised by women that are successfully navigating womanhood.


The cultivation of girlfriend material starts in childhood. A child must be taught the skills, beliefs, habits, and behaviors that are conducive to being a girlfriend before she enters into a relationship with a man.


If you're seeing this content with your mind and not your eyes, you should start to see how some women are not equipped to be good companions.


If a child fails to receive the teaching of skills, beliefs, habits, and behaviors that are conducive to being a girlfriend they will not make good girlfriends.


Men at times believe a woman that is a great girlfriend will automatically translate into being a good wife.

Fulfilling the role of a girlfriend is greatly different from fulfilling the role of a wife. 

Just as I said in the content describing the making of a great girlfriend, the sculpting of a wife also begins early in life before entering adulthood. 


The making of a wife starts just as the making of a girlfriend does. A good wife is a wife way before she ever gets married.

Of course, the opposite of that is true, if a woman does not have the qualities and characteristics of a good wife, they will not manifest just because she gets married. 



In a nutshell, the skills, talents, habits, behaviors, and thinking of a wife are learned as a child grows up watching other women that navigate wifehood and womanhood well. 


These skills, talents, behaviors, and habits must be embedded in the hearts, souls, and minds of a woman before becoming a wife


Like being a girlfriend or wife, being a mother has nothing to do with being a good girlfriend or wife.


A few wife qualities do overlap with motherhood, but it does take a separate set of skills, talents, knowledge, know-how, habits, and behaviors to take on motherhood successfully.


Like in both instances, a mother needs to have the thinking of motherhood far before she gives birth to anyone.


A woman that has not been sculpted for motherhood prior to becoming a mother, will always struggle with being a healthy successful mother.


To answer the simple question, why your girlfriend will never make a good wife or mother?


A woman must possess the high-quality character of a girlfriend, wife, or mother who has been taught by women that are successfully navigating womanhood.